Transformative skin care with a variety of innovative facials to choose from. Modalities that work as well as guiding clients how to best care for their skin between appointments. Respecting the skin can yield health, harmony and beauty in a short amount of time, achieving great skin for everyone.

Brilliant Back

This 40 minute back facial will decongest any acne and ingrown hairs on the back and shoulders, hydrate and brighten dull skin.
40 MINUTES   $115

Clear Skin

Skin suffering from acne and blackheads will benefit from this 50 minute facial. The Clear Skin Facial includes cleansing, exfoliating, gentle extractions, healing high frequency ozone, light therapy, finished off with a custom moisturizer/spf. A series of this facial is strongly recommended to help clear skin, as beautiful clear skin results are accumulative.
50 MINUTES   $155

Light Therapy Express

Light therapy is a progressive choice for the rehabilitation of aging, hyper-pigmentated and congested skin. This 40 minute facial is strongly recommended in a package for remarkable results! The benefits are thicker skin, lifting and plumping sagging skin, smoothing out wrinkles and scars, and clarification & brightness restored back into the skin with no downtime. If you want to avoid Botox and fillers or enhance those injectables, light therapy is a great choice. Great as an add-on to a facial.
40 MINUTES   $95
$65 each bought in a package of 12 sessions completed within 6 weeks


This 30 minute facial is made for children under 14 years old suffering from acne, dry skin or any premature skin imbalance. Gentle modalities will be used to lessen and help clear skin issues. This facial is recommended as a series if issues are on-going or a recommendation to a dermatologist will be provided if the condition is outside the scope of superficial skin treatments.
30 MINUTES   $75

The Red Carpet

My top seller in facials due to a very quick turnaround in skin rejuvenation. This 90 minute facial includes micro current for lifting, a full session of light therapy to brighten and the RevitaPen® and Facial Infusion® on face and neck to lighten hyperpigmentation and smooth out large pores, scars and wrinkles. You will see and feel a difference in one week! Recommended every 3 weeks to stay ahead of the curve! This facial does not include extractions (unless you add-on).
90 MINUTES   $265
*add chest, hands, and/or extractions for $45/each

Tailor Made

Experience a revitalizing and tailored facial treatment. The 60 minute Tailor Made facial is customized based on the condition of your skin at the time of your appointment. No two facials will be the same due to various influences in the body and/or in your environment that cause imbalances to emerge in the skin. Depending on your personal skin needs, we will discuss the recommended skin care modalities before the facial begins so you know what to expect.
60 MINUTES   $165